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  • GregoryPer


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Über mich

  • [img] old
    friends meeting after a couple years, as I am on a business trip to your city.
    Over the course of a meal I can no longer remember,
    and a shared bottle of wine, we both realize that the chemistry,
    the heat, it will always be there. We kissed in the car;
    your hands on my breasts, mine on your erection. But I
    whisper to you, and you whisper back ok...ok...ok...

    Now we are in my lobby. You walk me to the elevator
    and press the 'up' button. As the elevator dings, you lean in to kiss my cheek; I turn my head quickly so you are kissing
    my lips. I lean into you; press my breasts into your chest.

    I turn away and get into the waiting elevator without looking back.

    Up in my room, I close the door behind me. I am dizzy with desire
    for you, and giddy with the relief that I did not break my
    marriage vows. I sit down slowly on the edge of the bed, shoes and coat still on;
    purse in my lap, as if I am waiting for a bus. I am certainly waiting.

    At length, I get up, kick off my shoes, and start to
    undress. I am in a daze, not consciously understanding what I am doing.
    As I move, I feel my body sway under my clothes.
    My nipples tighten; my pussy is soaked, heavy between my legs.
    As another author once wrote, I feel like I sat
    on a tomato. I refuse the urge to touch myself, curl
    into myself, and bring myself some relief. I like this feeling of want,
    of a need so desperate that it transcends time. I finally feel something again.

    I wash my face and brush my teeth, and put on my black cotton pajamas.
    As I am getting ready to get into bed, I glance out
    my window at the street below. I see a shiny silver car that looks like yours,
    parked just below my window and my heart starts
    thudding in my chest. At that exact moment, I hear a knock on my door.
    It feels like an eternity before I get to the door, and at this
    point, my heart is racing like I ran a marathon. I open the door to find
    you standing there. Instead of your trademark goofy grin and wide-eyed excitement, you are
    serious – almost stern.

    You put your huge, warm hand on my chest and push me backwards, slowly, into the room, shedding your jacket as
    you walk. I know you can feel my heart hammering in my chest.
    You push me all the way across the room, past the bed, until I feel the corner of the desk
    at my ass. With your [url=][/url] hand
    still on my chest, you push me backwards, until I am leaning on the desk.
    Then you kiss me, so hard that our teeth clink together.
    Your left hand comes up and winds itself tightly into my hair; your right hand grasps my waist hard.
    I know there will be a bruise there tomorrow.
    Your mouth is still on mine, and then travels from my mouth across my face, to my earlobe, and then down the
    left side of my neck. Your right hand glides up my back; it tickles,
    and I arch my back, pushing my breasts into your chest.

    I can dimly feel the hard ridge of a pen at my hip, but it doesn't matter.
    You pull me closer, kiss me harder, frantically; my lips hurt under
    the weight of your kiss. You pull my shirt up and crouch down, planting a kiss between my bare breasts.

    Your hands come down to my breasts; push them up on either side of your face.
    You squeeze them, kiss them, and lick at them. Your tongue lashes
    at the sweat under the curve of my left breast, and comes up my side until your nose is
    in my armpit. You smell my scent; breathe it deeply as if
    it is a drug, and lick at the moisture you find there. At this point,
    my knees start to buckle and you catch me.
    I can feel your hardness through your pants as you pull me close.

    As you look into my eyes, you smile slowly – your trademark
    goofy grin – and my surrender is in that grin.

    You swing me around and sit me on the edge of the bed.

    You are standing, straddling my thighs as
    I sit on the bed. You kiss me again; hands at my breasts,
    and then you are pulling off my pajama top. I am in a frenzy to pull you close, feel your weight on me,
    and I try to pull off your shirt. But it is a button-down shirt, and I can't get it over your head, and I am trying to undo those tiny buttons, but my
    hands are shaking and I am about to cry with frustration.
    You push me back on the bed and take off your shirt yourself, slowly undoing each button, pushing the shirt back off your broad chest.
    You unbuckle your jeans and let them drop, as you slip off your shoes.

    Without the constraint of your pants, I can see your erection jutting proudly towards me;
    your white cotton boxers barely contain it.
    I had forgotten how thick and long you are. I will have trouble accommodating

    Your little striptease has slowed the pace and we are able to relax
    a little, knowing that the inevitable has arrived.

    I scoot on the bed backwards; at the same time, you stretch out,
    until you are lying flat on top of me. I groan with your weight,
    with the feel of your chest on my bare breasts. You raise yourself up and
    look at me. So beautiful, so amazing you murmur.

    You bend your head slowly to my left breast, and my nipples harden even more in anticipation.
    I think you are about to suck on my nipple, and
    then I feel the edge of your teeth. You bite my nipple, slowly increasing the pressure until I am gasping in pain, delirious with pleasure.
    You take my right nipple in your mouth and do the same.
    By this point I am writhing under you and squeezing my
    thighs together – the juices smearing onto my thighs.
    I feel my pajama bottoms stick to my wetness.

    You kiss your way down my stomach, stopping at the indentation of
    my belly-button. Your mouth finds its way to my right hipbone.
    I am a curvy girl, but stretched out like I am,
    my hipbone juts out – you suck your mouth down over it,
    and bite at it. I had no idea my hipbone was such a
    sensitive thing!

    You work your way lower, kissing my thighs through my pajama bottoms.
    Your mouth hovers over my crotch and you press your lips
    onto it. I know you can feel my wetness through the thin cotton. My head and
    my clit start to buzz at the same time and I hear a ringing in my ears.

    You slowly pull down my pajama pants, and when I am
    totally naked, you stand at the foot of the bed and gaze
    at my body. You are so gorgeous, so beautiful, and I want you so
    much you whisper huskily. All my inhibitions, my body-consciousness of my less than perfect thighs, less than perfect
    backside, melt away and I have never felt more beautiful in my life.

    You pull me towards the side of the bed, until my ass is at the edge, and you get on your knees between my legs.
    I am still lying flat on my back; my legs are touching the
    floor. You look at my crotch; you can see my pussy glisten in the faint light from the
    streetlamp outside. You touch the wetness between my legs
    with a finger, and suck your own finger into your mouth.

    I am moaning now – low guttural animal tones – I just want you to touch me so badly.

    You split my pussy open with both thumbs and softly blow
    air on it. My clit shivers with delight and I am frozen, unable to move.

    Your tongue licks at each petal of my inner lips, slowly,
    softly, increasing the pressure, gulping my juices into your mouth.
    You stick your tongue inside me, as deep as you
    can, and start to fuck me with your tongue. You still have not touched my clit,
    and yet, unbelievably, I am about to come from the feel
    of your tongue. My head starts to spin, and your
    thumb comes up, finds my clit and rubs it – hard.
    The combined pressure of your tongue and thumb are too much,
    and I spiral into an orgasm. My back arches, my toes curl, and I push my sopping wet pussy deeper into your face.
    You give me a moment to catch my breath, as you kiss my thighs.

    You suddenly stick your index finger into my cunt.
    It slides in easily, as I am so wet. I gasp with the feel of your finger inside me, and too quickly, you pull it out.

    I just wanted to get it wet so this would be easier you say.
    I feel your finger reach beneath my ass towards my little, virgin hole.
    I've never been touched here, let alone penetrated. I cry out, my voice ragged, no,
    I can't do that but before the words can come out of my mouth,
    your lips are on my pussy, my clit is in your mouth, and then amazingly, your finger is in my ass.
    It hurts, but the pain of being stretched is overwhelmed by the pleasure of your mouth sucking my clit
    like a little nipple. You suck it hard, and move your finger in my ass, slowly, and
    it feels so good, so good, that I think I am
    going to cry. And then I am swept away again into another
    orgasm – this one so intense that I can't see for a minute.

    I don't realize when you take your finger from my backside, and
    before I know it, you are standing before me. As I sit up, I reach for
    your dick – I pull down your boxer shorts, and grasp it
    in my right hand. It's too dark to see it completely,
    but I can feel how soft the skin, how warm and smooth, and how thick and hard and
    powerful it is. I run my hands all over you; feel your warm skin, broad chest and shoulders, and your ass.
    Your beautiful, rounded, little-boy ass.

    You move closer to my face, and I try to take your dick into my mouth – but it is too big, too
    thick, and I can't fit more than the tip of it into my mouth.
    I taste the salt of your fluids, and I pump you
    with my right hand, my left hand cupping your balls. You groan and push
    yourself deeper into my mouth – my teeth scrape your dick and you flinch but do not
    stop. And I am gasping, trying to take you in, but we realize that
    you are too big.

    You push me back onto the bed again, stretch out on top of me, and I
    can feel your dick between my legs. Your penis pushes at me, feeling my
    wetness, and you moan into my ear. Your hands are at my waist, under my ass, and the head of your penis finds its way into
    me. I hold my breath as you try to ease yourself into me, rocking back and forth, trying
    to wet yourself with my juices. I can feel the ridge of your penis, so thick, and it stretches my
    pussy almost to the point of pain. But I am too wet for pain. Suddenly I try to struggle;
    the reality of what we are doing hits me, and I try to push you up, away
    from me. You grasp my hair with your left hand, and push
    me back down onto the bed. You growl in my ear, What the hell are you doing?
    What the hell do you want?

    The movement of your push forces your dick all the way inside
    my pussy and I moan, oh God, oh God, what am I doing?

    But I can't stop myself now any more than you can, and I just don't want
    to stop anymore. I am tired of fighting it, of fighting my
    lust for you, and I pull you to me.

    Fuck me I say. Fuck me hard and don't stop until I tell you that you can.

    At those words, it's like a dam has burst,
    and you push your hands under my ass, pulling me closer to you, and
    you pound yourself into me, hard, harder, and my hands come up
    and my nails scratch down your back; I squeeze your gorgeous ass,
    pull you even deeper if that is at all possible.
    I can feel every inch of your dick stretching my poor
    cunt, and you are pounding not just my pussy, but my very soul, and the thought, the realization hits
    me that this is where you belong – inside me. You grunt, scream my name,
    and pound faster – you are coming – I can feel your come hit my walls, as your lips close over mine and suck
    me into a kiss. I close my eyes and my orgasm crests,
    like a boat curving over a waterfall, and I don't care where I land,
    how I land, if I land at all.

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